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HI-SCAN 145180-2is pro

HI-SCAN 145180-2is pro

The B-SCAN series helps to reduce the smuggling of drugs, weapons, mobile phones and other contraband.

It is available in four models, to support both general and limited-use applications, in accordance with ANSI N43.17 2009 guidelines.

General-use refers to screening systems that use extremely low X-ray dose rates to screen a person.  The dose rate is so low that there is, in effect, no need to monitor the number of screenings an individual can have in a year.

  • 16HR-LD 100 – Our lowest-dose system is for applications such as regular inmate screening for contraband. Operating at 0.1µSv per inspection, allowing for 2,500 scans/year.
  • 16HR-LD 250 – Operates at a dose rate of 0.25µSv per inspection (1,000 scans/year).

Limited use refers to screening systems that use a higher dose rate per scan to provide superior images. The use of these systems must be controlled and the annual scan count for a given person is limited. Scan and Image Management (SIM) software is used to fully log and control the use of the system so that any individual receives only the appropriate number of scans.

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Electromagnetic inspection is the most suitable and quickest method for checking non-metallic cargo.
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With over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Metal Detectors,  has developed a series of devices with superior sensitivity and throughput. In high-sensitivity applications,  can detect small metallic objects, such as a single razor blade while still providing optimal immunity to environmental interference. For high flow-rate applications, offers Walk-Through Metal Detectors with extremely high discrimination of personal metal objects to minimize the incidence of nuisance alarms.

Optimized solutions to detect and deter metal product theft, discovers small metal masses anywhere on and in the body while discriminating non-removable metal.

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